Photos of some of our clients

Happiness is…

Here are some of our friends, the big and the small. All enjoying our services, be it on a dog walk, an overnight stay in our home away from home, regular visits in their own home while their owners are away or just relaxing peacefully and contentedly.

Dogs walking through the woods Dog and cat Splashine through water Cat on pillow Sleeping puppy Dog resting Dog and cat asleep The dogs ready to go Dogs playing Winston and Darcy Dog bed Mucky paws Under the trees Playing in the garden Dog treats Dog fun Nearly dog tired The gang ready to go Are we there yet Another park Cute dog Canal walk What's next? Dogs resting in the shade Along the canal Yes please Playing with rope Treat time Sharing the bed That looks good On the run On the beach In the snow This way guys Sharing the sofa Cat on scratching post Cats together Sunny dog walk The girls Resting dog Quiet time Bella the cat Darcy with dog toy Getting tired Dogs at full tilt Dog fun Dog treats? Dogs in the park Cat hiding Cat in front of fireplace Dog resting Cute puppy Purdy Dogs in the park The cats whiskers Little and large Mad max Dog tired Cats at play Poppy